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Winter Weight Orders

Order 28 – Attached

Truckers can also contact the Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways, Trucking inquiry line at Toll free in Saskatchewan:
1-866-933-5290 Out of Saskatchewan: 306-933-5290

The Municipality follows the Ministry of Highways guidelines unless otherwise stated in the newest order.


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Information regarding the RCMP

Please use the link for a PDF copy of the bulletin.

Update Delisle RCMP Office Hours

Tuesdays 8:30 – 5:00 (closed between 12:30 and 1:30)

Wednesdays 8:30 – 11:00

Thursdays 8:30 – 5:00 (closed between 12:30 and 1:30)


Please call ahead to ensure the office is open as unscheduled closures do occur on occasion.

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Municipal Tax Payment Options

Please contact the Municipal office if you have any questions.
  • Cheque
  • Internet Banking – When entering an account number, please use your customer number located beside your name in the parentheses on the top right hand corner of the tax notice along with as many zero’s as is needed to have the correct amount of digits as required by your banking institution.
  • E-Transfer – Please use, auto deposit has been setup. Please reference your name or business and customer number.
  • Debit Card
  • TelPay

Public Notices

Special Meeting

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Notice to Public-RVD2020-06 (Strychnine)

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About Us

The Rural Municipality of Montrose No. 315 is located next to the shores of the South Saskatchewan River. The RM is proud of its rural character and approaches the future with a vision for growth that is harmonious with the natural agricultural environment and is sustainable for future generations.

Although traditional agricultural activity remains the primary land usage within the RM there has been an increase in interest for intensive agricultural and AR developments within the RM that are in accord with this vision.

Primary access to the RM is provided by Highways 45 and 7 as well as by O’Malley Road. The RM currently maintains approximately 350 kilometres. (218 miles) of gravel roads.

The land within the municipal boundary is relatively flat with some rolling hills and with a river valley on the east and south perimeters. There are various types of soils ranging from heavy clay to sandy with an abundant supply of gravel deposits. A mixture of cleared and bush topography is evident within the municipality with diverse uses for dry land and irrigated farming as well as for pastures and hay land necessary for animal production.